The RCMU101SM1-2EI-K residual current sensor is based on Magtron iFluxgate® magnetic flux gate technology, the core processing chip adopts independent research and development of SoC integration solution, integrated self-test function and logic judgment, highly integrated module design, with ultra-small installation volume and board area, very convenient to use and install, has been widely used in European standard, American standard, new national standard car charger ICCPD and AC charging pile (wallbox).


  • Product advantage

    Self-developed iFluxgate flux gate chip

    Self-developed dedicated processing chip

    High and low signal output

    Integrated self-test function

    Type A+6 DC or Type B residual current protection requirements

    Complete certification of all European and American standards

  • Product features

    High and low signal output


    Integrated self-test function

    Single power supply 5V power supply

ModelCertification/StandardIΔn rms[mA]Overcurrent capability
Application scenarioApplicable power segment
RCMU101SM1-2EI-K  CE6mA DC/30mA rms20ACharging mode two/mode threeSingle phase 3.3kW


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