The RCMU101SN-E-4SK residual current sensor is based on Magtron iFluxgate® magnetic gate technology, core processing core chip using self-developed SoC integration scheme, Integrated self-test function and feedback judgment, highly integrated module design, with ultra-small mounting body and board surface, very convenient to use and installation, widely used in European standard, American standard, New Standard ICCPD and AC charging three (wallbox).


  • Product advantage

    Self-developed iFluxgate flux gate chip

    Self-developed dedicated processing chip

    High and low signal output

    Integrated self-test function

    Type A+6 DC or Type B residual current protection requirements

    Complete certification of all European and American standards

  • Product features

    High and low signal output


    Integrated self-test function

    Single power supply 5V power supply

ModelCertification/StandardIΔn rms[mA]Overcurrent capability
Application scenarioApplicable power segment
RCMU101SN-E-4SK CE6mA DC/30mA rmsCustomizeCharging mode two/mode threeThree phase 22kW


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