The CSM1500 series current sensor uses magnetic flux gate technology. The product is used in battery monitoring occasions with high precision and ultra-low bias requirements. The vehicle-level design helps customers improve system safety and save installation costs.


  • Product advantage

    Flux gate technology

    Vehicle grade design

    Smarter/safer/predictable accuracy of monitored current data

    Low zero drift/High precision/wide range, accurate measurement and monitoring of charge and discharge

    Strong anti-magnetic field interference and anti-EMC performance, can be applied to complex system environments

  • Product features

    Fully galvanic isolation

    Unlimited overcurrent capacity

    Output signal: high-speed CAN (500kbps)

    Configurable CAN ID

ModelRated current
Maximum range
Frequency bandwidthOperating temperature
Application scenario
CSM15001500A1700A100Hz-40~+850.2%0.5%BMS、BDU、PDU、Energy storage high pressure box

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