The MB3303AS residual current protection module is a functional module that integrates a type B residual current detection unit and a micro-processing unit. It can be used for type B residual current action circuit breaker. When the action threshold set by the module is reached, the module will output a tripping signal. The user can introduce this signal into the tripping device to achieve tripping protection.

  • Product advantage

    Small size

    Single power supply 6V power supply

    High and low signal output

    Meet GB/T 22794, IEC 62423, GB 16916.1, GB 16917.1 leakage standard;

  • Product features

    Power supply: 6V±0.5V

    Low power consumption

    Tripping signal output: can be used for tripping protection

    Operating temperature:-40℃~+85℃

    Storage temperature: -45℃~+105℃


Power supply

Through hole ability

Application scenario
MB3303ASCE/UL+6V14.5Type B residual current action circuit breaker

Sample Application

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